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  • Medical Scientific Services

    The increasingly diverse range of medicinal products and medical devices requires the provision of high-quality information for decision makers in research and prescribing. Increasing demands of health care professionals, patients and cost bearers result in an increasingly critical attitude towards traditional marketing and sales activities.

    In the light of these facts the activities of medical-scientific and advisory functions such as “medical advisors” or “medical scientific liaison managers” become a vitally important factor for business success and turn into strategic positions.

    Apart from professional competence, experience and personal networking skills a profound understanding for the linkage between scientific contents and its practical implications with regard to the mindset and the needs of various stakeholder groups is a major requirement.

    S2 ScienceSolutions offers the following medical-scientific services either as a package solution or individual services (based on request within the framework of our team or as personnel secondment of medical advisors/medical scientific liaison managers):

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