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  • About us


    S2 ScienceSolutions GmbH is an owner-managed contract research organization (CRO) based in Vienna. As a service provider we conduct studies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and food sector in Europe, offer services for vigilance, medical-scientific expertise and quality assurance and thus make an important contribution to product research, development and safety.

    To our conviction the success of any research project is driven by the combination of quality and swift implementation – our work is therefore defined by



    Increasing standards and demands in clinical research changed the professional profile of a “monitor” towards a “site manager” providing optimal support to each individual study site. Professional profiles within pharmacovigilance and medical scientific services require highly flexible and interlaced thinking.

    Our team consists of well-educated and trained project managers, site managers and medical-scientific experts, mostly with long-standing professional experience within their areas of activity. However, we also offer trainees the chance to work and learn with our team.

    Close cooperation of all team members guarantees optimal quality for study conduction and the realization of other projects within our service portfolio.


    The activities of S2 ScienceSolutions are laid on more than 20 years of experience in the management of clinical studies covering the majority of indications and on more than 15 years of experience within the area of pharmacovigilance on industrial as well as on authority level.

    Our integrated quality management system covering studies and vigilance is – in whole or in parts as required – at the disposal of our customers.

    In case of interdisciplinary questions best-qualified network partners are ready to provide high-level advanced expertise.